Owning up

Welcome to the travel blog I have wanted to write for years. This is also the record of personal growth that I have meant to write forever. Most of all though what I hope this blog will be, is the journey to realising my dreams of being a writer. Yes a proper one. I may as well own up now. That’s what I want.

For starters, I’d like to write a memoir, and some fiction for older children, informed by my own experiences of growing up in a small place steeped in history. I’d also like to write through the pain caused by abusive relationships. I’ve found that the writing of others has helped me through some very dark moments and I would like to offer the same, especially to children, through stories.

I’ve had hilarious, deep and beautiful friendships. I’ve had a career that took me to astounding heights and all over the world. It didn’t leave much room for anything else though. Oh this, lets face it, is going to be about a search for a different sort of life and what I learnt from the last one. I’m going to try and make it honest. And funny. If possible.

So here I am. A mother. Nothing unusual or momentous, you might think, but in giving birth to my son, I began the process of truly awakening to life myself. It’s been quite a journey since the evening when I sat in the birthing pool and held that little folded frog in my arms for the first time.

Things were already rocky in some areas of my life but I was hopeful and could never have imagined what was to come next. A turning circle that took me back to my family home, from which I had been unconsciously running my whole life. From a successful professional with my own flat, I was transported to a totally different existence which felt in many ways to me like it belonged in an earlier century.

My son arrived a month early. At two days old we were in A&E at midnight. He was admitted to special care and I didn’t know where we could stay once we got out. Since then we’ve travelled a lot, sometimes through choice, sometimes not. Most was good, some awful. At three weeks we were on a wild and windy journey across the sea, and at four months we were fleeing on an early morning flight, seeking legal sanctuary.

We’ve ended up in a womens refuge and a homeless hostel, we’ve had to accept charity handouts of food. But actually, it has all been the most amazing experience. The people along the way, the friendships deepened and forged in challenging times (yes some lost too) have reframed my life forever.

Now you find us on the beach most of the time, watching the waves, running from the tide and building sandcastles with woolies and waterproofs on, screeching and flapping like seagulls. We’re enjoying seeing Autumn set in along the lanes, leaves and magpies flying everywhere, sky the deepest grey, rainbows in abundance. And you find us (fingers crossed, touch wood) about to secure our very own affordable home. At last. A new beginning. And a beginning for my blog.

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6 Responses to Owning up

  1. Hasina Mataria says:

    This is going to be brilliant…. on so many level xx

  2. elena says:

    You are already a Writer, my beautiful darling!

  3. Charlotte says:

    I look forward to hearing more of your beautiful adventures!

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