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Kissing the grey whales

Ever had an idea that just wouldn’t let you go? A bee in your bonnet? I wouldn’t mind a bee. They sound busy and useful. But I’ve got whales. A whale in your bonnet hasn’t got the same ring to … Continue reading

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Watershed week

This week I have come to Deal, a small town in Kent. I’m here with three female cousins who I haven’t seen together for about twenty years. We’re renting a flat and and attending a course for the week, while … Continue reading

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Footprints in the sand

Trying to secure a home is no joke. And the waiting in limbo is becoming unbearable. I am so ready to take that step, into a space that is all ours, where we can jump, shout, laugh and cry. One … Continue reading

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Owning up

Welcome to the travel blog I have wanted to write for years. This is also the record of personal growth that I have meant to write forever. Most of all though what I hope this blog will be, is the … Continue reading

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